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Sensory Set of 7 Crochet Balls

Sensory Set of 7 Crochet Balls

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This captivating set of 7 soft crochet balls is designed to nurture your little one's development and sensory exploration.

Handcrafted with love and care, each ball offers a different color, size or texture, promising endless opportunities for sensory engagement and play. One even has a little bell inside!

Your baby will be attracted to the vibrant colors and through playing they will practice hand-eye coordination and small motor skills, visual and sensory discrimination, learn colors and more as they grasp, roll and throw.

You can use them in lots of fun games and activities, also with older children, so this set can be used for many years. 

The crochet balls are made from organic cotton with a soft fibre filling. They can be machine washed on the delicate setting (low temperature). 

Made in Turkey

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