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Ocean Set

Ocean Set

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This beautiful collection of 42 treasures from the ocean can be used for sorting and all sorts of loose parts play. They are perfect for making mandala's and of course for decorating sand castles. 

Here are the links to our information pages if you want to learn more about these sea beans, sea shells or starfish

Set consists of:

  • 5 sea beans
  • 5 Astralium calcar
  • 5 Babylonia areolata
  • 5 Rhinoclavis vertagus
  • 5 Canarium urseus
  • 5 Cerastoderma edule
  • 5 Turitella
  • 1 Trochus maculata
  • 5 Asterias rubens
  • 1 Protoreaster nodosus
  • in an organic cotton drawstring bag with Manine Montessori logo.

All sea shells and starfish were sustainably collected from beaches where they washed ashore naturally, none were grown commercially.

Bag: 15 x 20 cm, sea shells: 1 – 8 cm, starfish 3 - 5 cm

These natural treasures are not toys. Their size makes them unsuitable for children under the age of 3. 

Want to make even more Montessori activities with this set? Add our sorting tray and/or transferring set. 


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