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Children's Gardening Gloves size 4

Children's Gardening Gloves size 4

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Let your children develop a green thumb early on! With these small gardening gloves size 4 even the youngest children can help in the garden, with well protected hands.

These gloves have a latex carrier and dipped latex foam coating, making them suitable for all kinds of gardening work. They keep their grip when wet.

Children will have optimal feeling in their fingers, so they can operate gardening tools easily.  

Want to know the right size for your child? Measure the circumference of the child's hand by placing a tape measure on the lowest knuckle of the index finger and going over the knuckles of the other fingers around the hand (thumb out). Size 4 is for a hand circumference of 10,16 cm, size 5 is for a hand circumference of 12,70 cm.  


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