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Black and White Crochet Grasping Ring

Black and White Crochet Grasping Ring

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Our black and white crochet ring embodies Montessori principles by offering a simple and focused design, encouraging your child to concentrate and explore.

The soft crochet texture ensures a comfortable grip for tiny hands. Your baby will love grasping this with one or two hands, and it will stimulate them to pass it from one hand to the other to further develop small motor skills. 

The crochet ring is designed in monochromatic black and white. Newborns and young infants are highly responsive to high-contrast patterns. It stimulates visual tracking.

You can also buy this in a Sensory Set together with the Black and White Crochet Bell Rattle. 

This crochet ring is lovingly handmade from organic cotton and has a soft fibre filling. It can be machine washed on the delicate setting (low temperature). 

Made in Turkey

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