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Manine Montessori Baby Set of 6 Toys

Manine Montessori Baby Set of 6 Toys

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The Manine Montessori Baby Set is the perfect gift for a newborn

This collection of Montessori essentials is designed to nurture your little one's cognitive development and to stimulate sensory exploration:

  1. Bell Rattle: This traditional first Montessori rattle introduces cause and effect. The sound of the bells will captivate your baby's attention, encouraging auditory discrimination and developing hand grasping skills. Its lightweight construction makes it suitable for even the smallest baby: 3+ months or as soon as they can grasp it.
  2. Interlocking Discs: These can help a baby learn to grasp more effectively. Playing with the interlocking discs, the baby turns the wrists and switches hands back and forth. It is also wonderful as a teether. Later, it can be used as an incentive for baby to crawl after, it rolls in a very interesting pattern.  Recommended age: 3+ months.
  3. Wooden Disc Rattle: Its ergonomic shape promotes fine motor skills and provides an engaging sensory experience. Recommended age: 4+ months.
  4. String of Wooden Balls: Encouraging new tactile exploration, it helps develop hand-eye coordination, concentration, and fine motor skills. Recommended age: 4+ months.
  5. Bell Roller: Shake, rattle and roll! The bell roller is perfect for practicing passing from one hand to the other. And for rolling on the floor and slithering after it. Recommended age: 6+ months.
  6. Ball Roller:  This toy will stimulate crawling and gross motor development. Ideal for babies aged 8+ months.

With the Manine Montessori Baby Set, you can rest assured that your baby is engaged in purposeful play that aligns with Montessori principles, fostering their overall growth and development.

These high quality baby toys are handmade by our craftsman in Ukraine.

The wood is not varnished, just oiled with a vegetable oil, so it is safe when your baby explores with their mouth. 


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Super mooie houten babyspeeltjes!