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DIY Sun Print (Cyanotype) Kit - Paper

DIY Sun Print (Cyanotype) Kit - Paper

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Cyanotype is an analogue photographic technique discovered in 1842!

With this kit you can turn watercolor paper into photographic paper. Place a subject on the paper and let the sun work its magic! You can create beautiful blueprints of natural materials, objects or photo's. 


  • step-by-step instructions and tips in English, Dutch, French and German
  • 2 100 ml bottles of photo agents, ready to mix
  • 20 sheets of watercolor paper 15 x 21 cm (A5)
  • 5 printable transparant sheets 
  • foam brush
  • measuring cylinder
  • mixing container
  • stirrer
  • washing tray
  • gloves

All you need to add is tap water and the sun! No darkroom, equipment or experience needed. 

Enough for about 40 A4 papers. 

ATTENTION! This is not a toy, but a kit with real chemicals. Parental supervision is always necessary. 

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