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Coin posting box with drawer

Coin posting box with drawer

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A favorite with many children! They can start using it from around 11-12 months. 

This captivating and skill-building activity engages your child's senses while promoting essential cognitive and fine motor skills. It builds focus and concentration, develops control of finger movement and hand-eye coordination. Children love to repeat this over and over, improving their ability to manipulate small objects and their problem-solving skills. The posting motion enhances the pincer grip, which is essential for drawing and writing later on. 

This beautiful wooden object is handcrafted in Ukraine. The box is made of linden wood and the coins are oak wood. The wood has not been varnished, but lightly oiled, so the warm natural texture of the wood is maintained. The linseed oil that is used is an edible oil and safe for young children.  



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