Octahedron Montessori Mobile

Octahedron Montessori Mobile

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This Octahedron Mobile comes already assembled! You only need to hang it. 

The Octahedron is the second of the Montessori Mobiles, it can be used with babies around 5-8 weeks old. It introduces the primary colors. Shape and size are constant, so baby can really focus the colors. 

The mirrored surfaces reflect the light and will capture the attention of your baby.  They will practice concentration, tracking of a moving object and depth perception as the mobile  moves gently on natural air currents and reflects the light. 

The mobile should be hung at 20-30 cm distance from the child's eyes. It is meant to be observed, not grasped. The baby should be alert and awake while 'working' with the mobile, so it's best to hang it over the movement area, not the sleep area or the changing station. 

After a few weeks, the baby can move on to the Gobbi Mobile. 

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