Montessori bib ducks (Oeko-Tex)

Montessori bib ducks (Oeko-Tex)

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A Montessori bib improves you child's independence at mealtime and snacktime. Hang this bib next to the weaning or dinner table and your little one will be able to put it on, take it off and hang it up all by herself/himself. No strings to tie, it has an elasticated neckline.

These beautiful Montessori bibs are handmade with love by a fellow Montessori mum in Spain. 

They are ca. 28 x 34 cm and finished with a trim all around. 

The back is orange towelling, for maximum absorbance. All fabrics used are Oeko-Tex.

Front: 100% cotton. Back: 90% cotton, 10% polyester. Wash at 40 degrees.