Gobbi Mobile

Gobbi Mobile

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The Gobbi Mobile is the third of the Montessori Mobiles, it can be used with children that are 7-10 weeks old.

After the black and white geometrical patterns of the Munari Mobile and the primary colors of the Octahedron Mobile, the Gobbi Mobile introduces color gradation. It consists of 5 spheres wrapped in embroidery thread with intensifying color depth (light to dark).  

The Gobbi Mobile helps the child develop his visual abilities and stimulates focus and concentration.

The mobile should be hung at 20-30 cm distance from the child's eyes. It is meant to be observed, not grasped. The baby should be alert and awake while 'working' with the mobile, so it's best to hang it over the movement area, not the sleep area or the changing station.

After a few weeks, the baby moves on to the Dansers Mobile.

I make these mobiles completely by hand.