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"Fallen from a tree" multi-layer Montessori puzzle

"Fallen from a tree" multi-layer Montessori puzzle

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 Learn all about trees and what grows on them! This natural Montessori inspired puzzle will easily introduce you to different types of leaves and fruit/seeds.

This puzzle shows Maple, Chestnut, Linden, Oak, Spruce, Rowan, Pine and Beech.

There is a level with the fruits/seeds and one with the leaves. 

Perfect for all sorts of Montessori work, the wooden name labels are great for matching to the puzzle pieces, pictures, figurines,.... The puzzle pieces are also ideal for making rubbings with colored pencil. 

Easy storage: this puzzle comes with a cover and 2 elastic bands to hold all the pieces in place when it's not being played with! 

Dimensions: 26cm x 49cm 
21 elements + wooden frame and cover
The thickness of the puzzle: 5 mm. 
Thickness of the base: 3 mm, cover: 3 mm.
CE tested and sealed with a colourless non-toxic varnish. 

Beautiful handmade, eco friendly puzzles inspired by the natural world and Montessori principles. Designed and made in Poland in conjunction with Educational Psychologists, Doctors and Therapists.


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