Choosing the correct table and chair for your child

Is your child sitting in the right seat? 

The typical children's chairs you will find in a furniture shop have a seating height of around 29 centimeters. This is a good height for most 4 year olds, but what can you use for younger children? Ergonomic and comfortable seating is equally important for toddlers as for adults!

In a chair with the right height a child's feet are flat on the floor and the knees are bent at a 90° angle. Matched with a table with the right height, this will give your child a good posture. 

In this table you get a good indication of the height of the chair and table that would allow each child to sit ergonomically.

The cube chairs offer great support for children as young as 6-8 months and grow with the child. Turned upside down the seating height changes!

The small cube chair has seating height 13 cm and 17-18 cm when turned over. The large cube chair has 19 en 22 cm seating heights, so the cube chairs can be used by your child for several years and will always provide the correct height for their growing bodies.

Afterwards, the chairs can still be used as a side table or in play. The addition of the handles is a real bonus for the children, this makes it so much easier for them to move the chair around and flip it over or turn it on its side. The wood is very light and tactile.