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Montessori Activity Box: Weather

Montessori Activity Box: Weather

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Are you looking for Montessori activities for your child, but you don't have time to make three part cards and search for printables? Are you unsure what activities are appropriate and about how best to present them to your child? 

Then I have the solution for you! 

This Montessori Activity Box contains all you need for several Montessori activities around the same topic, here it's the weather. The materials were carefully designed by a Montessori teacher with a background in child psychology. They come with explanations about Montessori, about the different activities and how to demonstrate them to your child. 

So all the hard work is done for you and you have all you need to start Montessori learning at home with your child. 

This box is aimed at children aged from 3 to 6. The activities are incredibly fun and can be used in many ways, adapted to your child's level. You can use them over and over and your child will enjoy them for a long time!

Montessori is based on

  • Hands-on activities
  • Reality-based activities
  • Exploration through the 5 senses

This box is designed around those principles. It has:

  • three-part-cards of types of weather and weather elements
  • a weather wheel, weather registration chart and temperature registration chart
  • a booklet on clouds, a cloud poster and a cloud viewer
  • a cold and warm clothes bingo game and sorting cards
  • a water cycle poster, blank cycle sheet and three-part-cards of all the stages
  • a lacing activity, rainbow craft, rainbow stencil, weather stickers and a cloud craft
  • a Parent's Guide
The materials are of high quality, they are all professionally made. The images are clear, the paper is glossy and the cards are thick.
Get yours and help your child grow the Montessori way!
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