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Fall Leaf Lacing Set

Fall Leaf Lacing Set

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This wooden sewing set includes 3 sewing toys of different leaf shapes made from the right wood: the maple leaf is made from maple wood, the oak leaf from oak wood, and the beech leaf from beech wood. Your child will not only develop his fine motor skills while threading, but will learn the shapes of the leaves, see the texture and the grain of each of the types of wood, touch and smell it. 

The leaves are quite large, larger than child’s palm, and easy to grasp.

The lacing holes (10 mm) are proportionate in size to wooden needle (8mm). The string is 60 cm long, fixed with a juniper bead at the end.

Beech leaf: 14cm x 6,5cm x 0,8cm
Oak leaf: 15cm x 7cm x 0,8cm
Maple leaf: 11,5cm x 11,5cm x 0,8cm

Unvarnished, only treated with organic linseed oil

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