Summer's here!

Summer's here!

School is (almost) out and we’re all looking forward to long sunny days, fun trips and outdoor adventure.
Whether it’s a trip to the grandparents, just a day out or an international voyage, traveling with kids can be daunting.
So I have packed this newsletter full of helpful travel tips that will suit your Montessori parenting style, with ideas for all age groups.

DIY Travel Booklets


The fun starts long before the trip! When my kids were smaller, I made them these picture books to prepare them before a longer trip.

The booklets included things I knew my kids would like; the flag of the country, pictures and names of local foods, pictures of the hotel and swimming pool, signs they might see in the airport,... just include whatever interests your child!

You can make this fully personalized with their name on the cover, etc.

These became treasured keepsakes.


Travel Activity Bags

Each of these entertaining Manine Montessori materials fits into a small cotton drawstring bag (15 x 18 cm), so they are easy to take along. Other ideas: small animal figurines, toy cars, magnetic building blocks,...

You can create several activities with each material, so these small bags of fun will keep your little one occupied for a long time! Rotate the bags so they will not get bored.

Click here to see all, some are on sale!


Take a travel potty!


When your little one is learning to use the potty, it’s so important to stay consistent, even when you're out and about.

This foldable potty comes with a stylish bag in black fabric with a leather strap. Nobody will know you're carrying a potty around.

Yes, I need a pretty travel potty and bag!


Mini Sticker Posters


These are super for traveling, because the stickers also stick to car windows and can be pulled off and stuck on over and over again.

They are just an A4 sheet in size, so they can be taken anywhere. You can choose farm, dino's or firefighters!

Get yours for just 6,95 euro!


Lower Shipping Prices!

For the Benelux and Germany, the free shipping treshold was lowered to 150 euro. Shipping orders <150 euro now costs 8,95 euro.


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