Wall Pegs with Pockets
Wall Pegs with Pockets
Wall Pegs with Pockets
Wall Pegs with Pockets

Wall Pegs with Pockets

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Create an entryway that makes it easy for your child(ren) to independently take of coats, bags, shoes, hats and scarfs and arrange everything in an orderly way.
These wall pegs do not only provide a place for hanging, but also pockets and labels for visual clues or names.
Designed for daycare centers and schools, Community Playthings offer supreme quality. Their furniture comes with a 10 year guarantee and is made in the UK from sustainably harvested solid wood. It is produced to the highest standards, because children deserve the best.
Used in (Montessori) homes as well by the most exigent parents, these items are an investment that pays off.
  • 6 pegs
  • 94 cm long, 25 cm high, 16,5 cm deep
  • Solid hardwood
  • Clear child-safe wood finish
  • Message pockets
  • Clear plastic label holders, that are easily changeable
  • Use your own fasteners to mount the unit safely
  • Serious product support: even for products that are decades old, spare parts are still available

(bottom picture shows a comparison to the other available wall pegs)

 Delivery: around 6 weeks