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Foldable Potty Chair + Bag

Foldable Potty Chair + Bag

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“Learning to use the toilet is a natural process that begins when your child’s desire to be grown up and his neurological development have reached the point where he can control his bladder and bowels. We don’t train children to use the toilet, we support them when they are ready" Tim Seldin

This foldable potty chair is absolutely unique.

In addition to everyday use, Buubla's patented foldable potty chair can easily be taken everywhere - travelling, shopping, restaurants, visiting friends - as the potty chair uniquely folds into a small space. Easy squeeze, put into a stylish Buubla Bag, and you are ready to go. The stylish potty chair fitted waterproof bag comes in black. You simply squeeze the potty chair and put it inside the bag with or without a velcro strap. You will on longer need to leave the potty chair at home due to it's size.

These handy potties are made in Finland.


Product details

Age: Suitable for all children up to the age of four.
Material: Made of plastic, free from PVC, BPA and phthalates.
Care: Regular washing (water, soap, wipes etc.).
Weight: ca. 370g.
The package includes a velcro strap which is meant to tie the potty chair.

Material: 50% cotton 50% polyester - Polyester lining with waterproof treatment and a waterproof zipper. PU-leather hangtag and zipper puller.
Free from harmful substances, such as PVC, BPA and phthalates
Washing: at max. 30 degrees of Celcius

Note: The center of the potty chair is made of soft plastic, thus, some small wrinkles may appear on the soft plastic once the potty chair has been folded and released open. The longer the potty chair has been folded, the more visible the wrinkles may be. The potty chair will repair the wrinkles to a minimum or the wrinkles disappear over time (in a few hours/days) by itself when left open. The wrinkles do not affect to the functionality of the potty chair. Recommended to store open while not in transit.

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